Flood Determination

A Flood Zone Determination is a mandatory report that provides a definitive determination of whether or not a subject property is located within a flood zone. Flood Zone Determinations are required to conclude whether a property will require flood insurance, a key expense in the mortgage process and a vital protection for the lender.  Flood zones are maintained by FEMA and are updated regularly. 


Two version are offered, Standard and Life of Loan; Standard is a simple determination of flood zone status, while Life of Loan offers flood zone status tracking throughout the entire duration of the mortgage. An upgrade from Basic to Life of Loan can also be purchased.


Our system delivers the most comprehensive and up-to-date flood zone information available today. Our flood certificates accepted by FNMA and FHLMC as well as by most major investors. As a lender you need a flood vendor that has the stability and the resources to provide accurate flood zone information.


Our Flood Zone Determination reports are on time, accurate and affordable. With the ever changing regulatory and compliance landscape, it is important to make certain the basics are covered. From origination to funding, you can be sure Certified Credit Reporting has you covered.


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