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Our Application Data Verification (ADV) Report is a comprehensive report that identifies fraud risks within a mortgage application.  Investor approved, it is compliant with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac fraud detection requirements. The report verifies key loan data and returns a single concise report highlighting discrepancies between the loan application data and public records.


Our reports have been reviewed and approved by multiple investors including Chase, Chase Rural, Citi, Stonegate, TrustMark, among others.  The ADV report does not return unnecessary and redundant checks and can be tailored to focus in on the risk test required to help streamline the underwriter’s review.   


Readable and transparent, the ADV report layout and “Pass/Fail” approach (as opposed to a “black box” approach) promotes rapid review and a quick understanding of the results.


Fraud Detection is an essential part of the mortgage process. It makes sense to partner with someone you know you can trust. With the ever changing regulatory and compliance landscape, it is important to make certain the basics are covered. From origination to funding, you can be sure Certified Credit Reporting has you covered.




Summary of public record data ensuring ID elements are valid & associated with one individual.

Product checks:

– Name, address, phone

– Suspicious address/phone

– SSN, Death Master file


– Provides Risk Score

– OFAC, FinCen watch lists


– SSA Verification of SSN and Name match SSA records & not present on SSA Death Master File. Results provide Match / No Match – – Response directly from the SSA.


Ensure all participants are not on key excluded party lists (OFAC-SDN, GSA-EPLS, HUD-LDP).

– Most current lists are used

– Intelligent search to reduce false positives

– Search participants, new hires, new partners

– Provides concise report for loan file


Detailed search results on each MERS registered lien by SSN –
End User MERS Organizational ID # required to be provided to Certified Credit.


Provides summary of public information on property such as: ownership, assessment & legal description.

Some of the data returned are:

– Dwelling characteristics

– Current ownership

– Prior ownership

– Assessment, tax amount

– Brief legal description

– Current and prior liens

– Information on 5 recent neighborhood sales

– USPS standardized address


Provides summary of public data on employer such as:

– Reverse phone number lookup

– Confirmation of company

– Company URL

– Address confirmation

– Number of employees & revenue

– Key executives



All above products are ordered through our platform and can be bundled to fit your ordering

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