Identity Verification

Minimize the risk of fraud and identity theft during the loan application process with our Social Security and Identity Verification products. Drawn from data bases of over 150 million households, 200 million consumers and 25 million businesses, our products are ideal for confirming the identity of your applicant, quality control, and improving your underwriting processes.


Social Security and Identity Verification is an essential part of the mortgage process. It makes sense to partner with someone you know you can trust. With the ever changing regulatory and compliance landscape, it is important to make certain the basics are covered. From origination to funding, you can be sure Certified Credit Reporting has you covered.


A Level 1 search will compile:

– Social Security Validation Search

– Address Search

– Date of Birth

– Death Index Search

– OFAC Search

– AKA / FKA Search

– Driver’s License Validation Search

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