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Making this product available to you couldn’t come at a better time due to a new GSE implied requirement (www.efanniemae.com/sf/lqi/index.jsp). A new credit report is suggested to be re-pulled at closing to ensure that the consumer’s credit history has not changed significantly (includes: Scores; OFAC & Fraud). The ability to compare the old and new credit reports in an automated fashion represents a significant time savings and analysis tool to assist you in these regulations.

LQI Key Features:


– Quick Reference Summary Section

– General Information Comparison

– Credit Score Comparison

– Credit Score Factor Comparison

– Trade Line Comparison

– Public Record Comparison

– Inquiries Comparison

– Information Sources Comparison

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Loan Quality Initiative (LQI)


Historically, many issues related to compliance with Fannie Mae selling policies are not detected until after loans are delinquent or through the foreclosure process. Loan repurchase requests to lenders have increased in the past three years, highlighting the need for an improved approach for working with lenders to deliver loans that meet Fannie Mae’s underwriting and eligibility guidelines. Fannie Mae conducted an extensive analysis to determine the primary drivers of repurchase requests and is launching the LQI to identify and implement policy, process, and technology enhancements to improve the compliance with underwriting and eligibility guidelines.


The LQI will also help ensure that the loan meets the credit and eligibility standards, pricing guidelines, and other requirements of the Selling Guide or negotiated variances. A primary focus is on capturing critical loan data earlier in the process and validating it before, during, and immediately after loan delivery.


This updated approach is designed to stand the test of time across market cycles and risk tolerances, thus supporting market stability and reducing investor and lender risk. Changes introduced under the LQI are intended to reduce repurchase requests through improved data integrity and consistent and early feedback on policy compliance while maintaining the current business model of relying on lenders to make appropriate decisions in accordance with Fannie Mae’s guidelines.




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