FTC Announces National Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has named Jan.  13-17, 2014, Tax  Identity Theft Awareness Week. They will host regional and national events to target individuals and raise awareness about tax identity theft and give consumers helpful tips on how to protect themselves in case they become victims.  

CFPB Updates for Mortgage Servicers

Since the financial crisis, more regulation and more oversight have been one of the constants in the mortgage industry. Those on the servicing side have been affected by the changes. Responsible for collecting the mortgage obligation from borrowers on behalf of the owners of the loan, the servicers are often the “middle men” to the […]

Mortgage Rules at a Glance

Trying to make sense of all the upcoming changes? Wondering what January 10th will really bring? Well over at the CFPB website there is a (relatively) simple chart that explains in (relatively) simple language the basic rules, their corresponding reference points and compliance aids. Click this link to get a better perspective on the upcoming […]