Rapid ReScore

Our Rapid Re-Score allows updated or verified information to be corrected or added to the database of all three repositories, usually within 72 hours after disputes have been confirmed. 


Rescoring an applicant gives you the ability to finalize discrepancies in a quick and efficient manner. This will give your borrowers more and better ways to qualify for the loan, closing on time and satisfied. This will, in turn, create a strong referral base.


Simply get us the Rapid Re-Score request form, along with proper documentation and we will begin the investigation process for you. After confirmation we will forward the necessary changes to the databases of each of the repositories. Once the bureaus correct the items requested, we inform you that a new, updated and rescored report can be retrieved from our website. That’s all there is to do!  


Our Re-Score process is consistent with all Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, RESPA and FCRA regulations.


Rapid Re-Scores are an essential part of the mortgage process. It makes sense to partner with someone you know you can trust. With the ever changing regulatory and compliance landscape, it is important to make certain the basics are covered. From origination to funding, you can be sure Certified Credit Reporting has you covered.


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Bureau Policies prohibit the cost of this program to be directly or indirectly charged to the consumer





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