Our system is entirely web based, there is no software to install. We will provide you a login so that you may access from any pc that has Internet access. Our Staff is FCRA Certified and has over 10 years of experience in credit reporting

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Make faster lending decisions with Tri-Merge credit reports from Certified Credit Reporting. Our credit reports are delivered within seconds via our secure online platform and contain the most up to date credit history and data available on an individual or joint credit applicant. We deliver the latest version of the bureaus’ scoring models. You can expect to have the most reliable, accurate and current credit data for your applicants within seconds!

The Certified Credit Reporting system offers

  • 24 hour secure online access
  • User Friendly Report Format
  • Online Customer Service & Data Verification Updates - Most completed within 24 hours!
  • Credit Reports are both Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac approved
  • Approved through over 100 + private labeled Automated Underwriting Engines
  • Certified interfaces with over 40 + loan origination systems & banking platforms
  • Instant access to pull and view credit from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Share credit reports in Real Time with remote processors, lenders,or underwriters
  • Online Credit Report, Billing Tracking and Account Maintenance in Real Time
  • Our Rapid Re-Score allows you to update your client’s credit iwithin 3-5 business days!

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