Verification of Employment (VOE)

Work_Number[1]Need to verify employment?  Unfortunately, you can’t always take people at their word. We live in a world of, “trust, but verify”. More than just a best practice, Verification of Employment (VOE) is a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirement. Accurate and on time, you can protect yourself against the fraud inaccuracies.


As a third party source, Certified Credit can help save you money and remain compliant while we get you the information you need. We have two ways to help you.


Auto Verification

The Work Number is an instant and cost effective way to validate employment information. We can help you gain access to the largest collection of payroll records available. Updated every pay cycle, you can be assured the information you are getting is accurate and up to date.


Manual Verification

Should your applicants’ information not be available from The Work Number, Certified Credit’s team of experts can manually verify the information for you.


Employment Verification is an essential part of the mortgage process. It makes sense to partner with someone you know you can trust. With Certified Credit, you’ve partnered with the best in the business. We can help you close more loans, remain compliant and increase profitability. Certified Credit Reporting’s Verification of Employment gets to the truth, minimizing risk exposure.





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