Tri-Merge Credit Report

Explore the more that's behind the score

Data drives the decisions that can help make home ownership a reality for your customers. And the best way to get a complete picture of your applicants is with Certified Credit's Tri-Merge Credit Report. We're here to empower your efforts to make more loans in less time and with less risk.


Powerful Insights to Drive Your Business

We've assembled best-in-class information and analytics to empower you to make decisions with confidence. Our hassle-free ordering options allow you to use the method that's right for your operation with add-ons that deliver more granular detail according to your risk tolerance.


Complete Picture

Dive into the details with this comprehensive look at your borrower's credit history and enhance decision making, reduce risk, and improve profitability.

Up-Sell Opportunities

Complete list of active tradelines enables you to pinpoint opportunities for additional business and convert leads to loyal customers.

Smart Select

Improve your closing ratio and save time and money by filtering out consumers who won't meet your score criteria, freeing you up to focus on those who do.

Customizable Format

Get reports tailored to your specifications to help you quickly and easily assess your applicant's creditworthiness.


More Than Just a ScoreTM

At Certified Credit, we deliver more than just a score. We provide industry-leading information and analytics with the expertise and technology you can rely on to fuel your business. 

  • Credit Reports
  • Fraud & Risk Mitigation
  • Property
  • Employment Screening
  • Score Improvement Tools
  • Third-Party Verifications
  • Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Tenant Screening

"Certified Credit is superior to other providers -with longevity that I count on when doing business."

- Top Tier Mortgage Lender