Flex ID SmartSelect Shield

Ensure you’re lending to the right person

Mortgage fraud continues to climb as scammers get more creative in their attempts. And identity verification continues to be the industry’s top challenge.


Prevent small typos from becoming a major headache

Whether it’s accidental or intentional, borrower identity issues can negatively affect your operation. Do your part to prevent identity theft from stealing your time and your profits. Fight back with Flex ID SmartSelect Shield from Certified Credit.


Verifies Critical Information

Attributes authenticated include name, address, date of birth, social security number and phone status.

Provides Flexibility

You designate the conditions that need to be met before the credit report is ordered. The Flex ID report is delivered with the corresponding credit report only when the criteria you specify are met. If conditions are not met, only the Flex ID report is returned, saving you money.

Streamlines the Verification Process

Identifies errors or misrepresentations before you invest in checking credit and taking the application, saving you time and money.

Enhances Compliance & Quality

Meets Red Flag requirement and provides an extra layer of verification for peace mind.


More Than Just a ScoreTM

At Certified Credit, we deliver more than just a score. We provide industry-leading information and analytics with the expertise and technology you can rely on to fuel your business. 

  • Credit Reports
  • Fraud & Risk Mitigation
  • Property
  • Employment Screening
  • Score Improvement Tools
  • Third-Party Verifications
  • Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Tenant Screening

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